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Cosmetic dentistry impacts your overall health by successfully treating teeth problems and other oral conditions

Cosmetic dentistry includes affordable and harmless means to improve teeth and gums’ general appearance or aesthetics.
It is often compared to reconstructive dentistry because it is primarily about aesthetics rather than function. But our practice aims to bring aesthetic and functional results. Doing so will help the patient’s overall health, including their mental state.
While the aesthetic wonders are apparent, patients who have gone through cosmetic dental treatment can enjoy the many benefits.

  1. Improved appearance
    Improved appearance has many benefits, from how you interact with others to your self-esteem. If your teeth are crooked or discolored and you can’t laugh because of that, it makes sense for dental veneers and tooth whitening to solve the problem. Whether it’s an interview or your first date, the ability to full smile when you meet someone is no exaggeration to say ‘must-have.’

  2. Improved self-confidence
    Cosmetic dentistry treatments, like dental veneers, fix stained or discolored teeth, improving self-confidence. Don’t let your feelings about teeth appearances overtake all other aspects of your self-esteem.

  3. Improved dental health
    Cosmetic dentistry not only improves your appearance but also reduce the chance of future dental problems. Since we take care of existing dental or gum problems (if there is) before installing crown or veneers, you will avoid further deterioration. For example, dental implants can impact your daily food intake because they help strengthen bites to improve your ability to chew food.

Why should you come to Dr. Ned Shimizu?
Dr. Ned Shimizu can provide effective, natural-looking, long-lasting, and innovative treatments by staying ahead of the latest aesthetic dentistry trends, techniques, materials, and techniques. We have state-of-the-art facilities designed with patients in mind. We focus on providing you with a comfortable experience while relaxing, knowing that all your dental needs are being met. Before engaging in a beautiful smile change, we make sure that any questions you have will be answered in a comfortable environment. There will be no worries; you are in good hands.

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