Why do teeth flare out?


If your teeth stick out or flared look, there are many treatment options.

There are many reasons why people have flared upper front teeth. Also, with flaring of the front teeth, bucked teeth with gaps between the upper front teeth are common.
When people have a deep bite, the lower front teeth push the upper front teeth from the back, and over time you start to have buckteeth with spaces. If you have gum disease or periodontal disease, tooth support is weak, and it could happen even quicker. So long as you have healthy gums, you can fix it with orthodontic braces, conventional two-year braces, or Six-Month Smiles.

Wear you retainers following your braces removal

Open the bite, at the same time, improve the deep bite and correct flared teeth. However, many patients do not wear a retainer after the braces and experience relapse. It could happen quickly and has a high percentage to have a regression due to the bite pressure from the back.

Also, if you have very crowded teeth, and you are wearing the braces without tooth extraction, there is not enough space to accommodate all the teeth.
Wearing a brace without tooth extraction will cause the teeth to flare.
In this case, you have flared teeth, but no spaces between the teeth. Some patients have had this situation from the moment that their adult teeth came in. You can fix this with braces.

In most cases, and teeth extractions (usually bicuspids) are necessary to have a better result. The ultimate goal is to get the most beneficial overall effect, which includes a proper bite, healthy gums, and excellent lip support. Indeed, every case must be evaluated as a unique situation. Most of the time, it is clear when to extract teeth and when not to extract teeth. But a fair percentage of cases are in more of a grey area where the choice of treatment could go either way.

There are several options for treating flared teeth.