If teeth whitening doesn't work

Uneven teeth color is not the reason for you to hide your smile. Suppose the shade of your natural teeth is patchy or not even color after professional whitening.

In that case, your tooth enamel may have grown thin and slowly exposed the dentin underneath the enamel that gives a yellowish-gray color(Intrinsic discoloration). It is impossible to even out the color with teeth whitening at this stage.

If the crown's color is different from the natural tooth color, whitening or darkening is impossible because traditional whitening treatments do not work.

A single discolored toothone discolored tooth

Do you have one tooth darker than the rest? What if you need one crown or one veneer on your central teeth due to discoloration? Match the color of the new crown or veneer to your existing natural teeth.

How to get rid of teeth discoloration or tooth shade mismatch

If your crown's color is too white and opaque and becomes more noticeable, it is time for you to consider the other treatment options. In either case, when professional bleaching agents do not work, we recommend getting a porcelain veneer or crown to flatten the color of the teeth.

Matching the color of teeth is tricky and challenging. Teeth have shade, not just a color. If you have a dental crown or veneer with a different color from the rest of the teeth, you can't expect even colored teeth later on, nor can teeth be perceptually evenly colored.

The inorganic materials used in crowns and veneers do not react to whitening agents like natural teeth. Conversely, it is impossible to match the remaining teeth to the crown's color.

How to get rid of teeth discoloration or tooth shade mismatch

Toni had two front crowns. The crown's color is too white and opaque, making it stand out when she smiles. We achieved a gorgeous smile reflecting joy and radiating warmth with eight veneers and an all-porcelain crown. A beautifully shaped smile of bright white teeth helps with a youthful look. Dr.Shimizu is the best implant dentist with proven levels of experience and skills. He will seat crowns correctly the first time, giving you a new smile that will make you look and feel more attractive.

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