Repairing Old, Discolored Teeth

As we grow older, our teeth endure tear and wear as we grow older due to constant chewing and grinding, which leads to tooth discoloration and other dental concerns. The outermost layer of our teeth, the enamel, weakens and wears away, making our teeth more prone to damage.

However, cosmetic dentists offer restorative solutions to help renew your smile and improve your oral health. Seeking professional assistance from a cosmetic dentist is crucial when teeth become worn, as only they have the expertise to provide restoration options.

Repair old, discolored teeth

Did you know that bacteria in the mouth can cause tooth decay? Even tooth fillings that are chipped or cracked can create gaps that allow bacteria to enter, leading to dental issues. With 300 to 700 types of bacteria living in the mouth of adults, it's crucial to take proactive steps to protect your teeth.

As we age, teeth can become brittle and develop small chips and fractures that easily trap food particles and bacteria, leading to dental damage and decay.

Poorly fitted crowns can also contribute to tooth decay, with caries often forming underneath due to a breakdown in the seal or unnecessary space between the crown and tooth structure.

Untreated dental caries can progress and infect the pulp, resulting in the need for root canal treatment or even tooth loss in severe cases. That's why it's crucial to address oral health issues promptly.

Take inspiration from George's story. Despite neglecting his oral health, he received ten crowns and veneers to repair his cavities, discolored teeth, and unmatched colored crowns. Now, he enjoys a bright and confident smile. Don't let dental issues hold you back - let us help you revive your smile and achieve optimal oral health!

Dr.Shimizu is an experienced cosmetic dentist. He will install your porcelain crowns and attach veneers correctly the first time, giving your a new smile that will make you look and feel more attractive.

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