Restore your smile with full mouth reconstruction

Worn teeth are a common dental problem among adults. Even though your teeth are sturdy, they wear down. When chewed or ground for years, the tooth's hard outer layer called enamel gradually wears down. Also, the enamel gets flatten when biting and chewing. As the enamel wears down, the dark dentin underneath is exposed, and the teeth appear gray or yellow instead of white (tooth discoloration).

Once your teeth wear out, there is nothing you can do without having them restored by a cosmetic dentist.

Smile Makeover

Repair old, discolored teeth

Bacteria in the mouse cause tooth decay. Tooth fillings chipped or cracked can leave a gap between the tooth and the filling and provide an entry point for bacteria. Bacteria are abundant in the mouth.

It is said that 300 to 700 types of bacteria live in the mouth of adults. 100-200 billion for those who brush their teeth well, 400-600 billion for those who do not brush their teeth very much.

Suppose the seal between the teeth and the filling breaks; food particles and bacteria that cause tooth decay can move between the worn filling and the teeth. A toothbrush or other means cannot easily remove these bacteria, and dental caries occurs along or under the filling edges.

Also, teeth become brittle with age, and small chips and fracture lines appear. These cracks and chips can quickly get dirty, and food particles can also get stuck between the cracks. Dental damage can also lead to tooth decay.

A poorly fitted crown can lead to tooth decay. It is common for caries to develop underneath mistitled dental crowns due to an unnecessary space between bonding and tooth structure or breakdown in the seal.

Undiagnosed and untreated caries can progress and infect the pulp (including the tooth nerve and blood supply), resulting in the need for root canal (endodontic) treatment. In the worst case, loss of teeth happens.

George had neglected his oral health throughout his busy life. He had cavities, discolored teeth, and unmatched colored crowns that were in the wrong position. After receiving ten crowns and veneers, he is happier than ever to have a new smile with the bright and earnest one.

Dr.Shimizu is an experienced cosmetic dentist. He will install your porcelain crowns and attach veneers correctly the first time, giving your a new smile that will make you look and feel more attractive.