Repair short teeth

As a teenager, Ms.E completed her braces and had straight teeth. However, her upper four center teeth were small: she had a condition in which one or more teeth appear smaller than usual, called peg teeth. Because her skeletal growth had not stopped yet, we provided direct bonding using composite resin/dental bonding on the teeth.

She has grown up and is ready for the best smile using the porcelain veneers. Since her original teeth were tiny and needed wider to get a natural proportion, we decided to proceed with an additional treatment plan to give her a smile makeover with little or no tooth reduction.

She liked the original color of her teeth and wanted them to be a little whiter, but not too much. We decided not to touch the canines or the bicuspids and only the four center teeth with minimal or no-prep veneer. This way, she can reduce the treatment cost, and most importantly, we can do the most conservative treatment without removing too much tooth structure.

Solutions for peg lateral teeth

When we do a smile makeover, the more you do, the better the result. Usually, it is a good idea to avoid doing only six teeth (Canine to Canine).

Canines are the most yellowish teeth in your mouth, and if you do "canine-to-canine" veneers and make them whiter, you will see a huge color difference. It's almost like a step after the canines and makes it unnatural, or it might look like you have only six teeth in the front because dark bicuspids and molars do not show much.

To avoid this, we usually do eight or ten teeth. However, you have the option to do only four teeth with a case like this. We recommend this option when your canines and bicuspids are in a good position, the shape of both canines and bicuspids is good, and they have no caries.

If you do not like the color of your teeth, we would need to do eight or more teeth. Nevertheless, if you want to whiten your smile slightly, we can do it with only four teeth because it is natural that you have the center four teeth whiter than the canines.

short teeth
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