Replace Missing Teeth

Fix a missing tooth for proper chewing

If you have a missing tooth, whether caused by accident or natural, it is better to see a dentist. Don't neglect thinking, "Oh, just a tooth. It can wait." A missing tooth may end up with the shifting of the teeth, resulting in a bite problem. An improper bite can lead to unwanted issues, including neck pain, headache, tooth loss, uneven teeth wearing, etc.

Unfilled gap

When the gap caused by the missing tooth is left untreated, the surrounding teeth will lose the support that makes the rest of the teeth in line, and the surrounding teeth will likely begin to shift. The teeth support each other, and when one is missing, the teeth on either side can start to move into the gap. Eventually, teeth may become crooked, or new openings may appear between the remaining teeth. So it is better to get a permanent tooth replacement.

missing teeth fix

Charlie had a missing front tooth for a long time, so his other teeth had shifted toward the teeth gap. Missing a front tooth can be embarrassing and inconvenient.
A missing tooth can also create a difficult place to clean and lead to other problems like bone loss or decay around the existing teeth.

In his case, we proceeded with his treatment with porcelain crowns and bridge; it was one of the excellent ways to replace a missing tooth and attain straight teeth. This treatment gave him a smile he had wanted and natural teeth' functionality when chewing, brushing, or smiling.

Dr. Shimizu always takes time to achieve aesthetic and functional results, and he was pleased with the results.

Giving people the smile they want is our passion!

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