Revive Your Smile

Achieving Functionality and Beauty through Full Mouth Reconstruction and Dental Restoration

Restoring Function and Beauty through Full Mouth Reconstruction

Ms. G, a patient, discovered our practice through the reputable American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) website and chose Dr. Shimizu due to his respected accreditation with AACD.

She sought our expertise when she was nearing the completion of her orthodontic treatment. During her comprehensive consultation, we collaborated closely with an orthodontist to ensure the accurate positioning of her teeth for optimal function and aesthetics. Furthermore, we meticulously strategized the optimal placement of dental implants by collaborating closely with a highly regarded oral surgeon.

Once the orthodontic treatment and implant placement was successfully completed, we employed advanced techniques such as photography and digital simulations to facilitate thorough discussions with Ms. G and our experienced lab technician. Upon her satisfaction with the proposed smile, a wax-up/mock-up of the final results was meticulously crafted and transferred into her mouth.

We continuously made periodic adjustments to the mock-up based on Ms. G's valuable feedback until she was delighted with the final results, showcasing her stunning new smile!

With Ms. G's satisfaction as our utmost priority, we proceeded with meticulous preparations of her teeth, section by section, to maintain consistent occlusion and aesthetic results. Ultimately, Ms. G underwent a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction, including veneers, orthodontics, and implants.

Dr.Shimizu's unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional aesthetic and functional results is evident in Ms. G's satisfaction with her smile makeover.

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