Malocclusion treatment without braces

In today's world, a captivating smile with perfectly aligned teeth is paramount for leaving a lasting impression in personal or professional encounters. Regrettably, malocclusion, the misalignment of teeth, afflicts numerous individuals of all ages.

Uneven, overlapping, or twisted teeth often result in self-doubt and diminished self-assurance. Yet, there's no need to accept the status quo. Many treatments exist to rectify malocclusions, paving the way for the radiant smile you've long desired.

Fixing misaligned front teeth can be a simple process.

Crooked teeth can cause embarrassment and also put your oral health at risk. When teeth are not aligned properly, it becomes difficult to clean them thoroughly, leading to a buildup of food particles. Flossing can also be less effective. If left untreated, crooked teeth can cause long-term oral health problems. However, correcting them can improve your oral hygiene and give you a bright and confident smile, bringing joy and boosting your confidence.

The longer your teeth stay crooked, the longer your oral health will remain at risk. Fixing crooked teeth helps improve oral hygiene and makes a smile beautiful and happy.

Misaligned teeth can range in severity, and depending on the degree of their alignment, they can be treated in three different ways.

  1. Wearing braces
  2. The most common way to fix misaligned teeth, especially in children, is to wear orthodontic appliances. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, this treatment can take up to 2 years.

  3. Aligners
  4. Adults with mild to moderate misalignment can wear removable clear plastic aligners. Patients must follow the dentist's instructions on wearing the aligners until their teeth reach the correct position.

  5. Dental Restorations
  6. If only the front teeth are crooked, we can achieve a flawless smile by correcting isolated crooked front teeth with precision dental restorations like veneers or custom crowns. This meticulous restoration, ensuring ideal anterior and posterior alignment, entails three efficient office visits.

Selena had a couple of cavities on her upper front teeth that required root canal treatments. Additionally, she was unhappy with her smile because her teeth were not straight.

After a CT scan, we discussed her concerns, goals, and personal preferences before beginning treatment. We placed four crowns on the teeth in the center of her mouth and later added four more veneers. In her case, we were able to complete her restorative treatment in just three visits. Depending on the situation, we can quickly fix crooked or overlapping teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile.

Dr.Shimizu is committed to discussing your concerns and goals before proceeding with any treatment. With his extensive experience, you can rest assured that installing your porcelain crowns and veneers will be hassle-free and done right the first time.

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