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Discover a variety of dental restorations aimed at improving both the appearance and structural integrity of your teeth. You can explore numerous possibilities, such as modifying your teeth' size, length, and shape.

We dedicated ourselves to helping you achieve the radiant smile you've always wanted while prioritizing your dental health. Our team of experts, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offers advanced restorative dental treatments that can swiftly align and brighten teeth, or harmonize a single tooth with its adjacent ones, significantly enhancing both the functionality and appearance of your teeth.

We seamlessly combine art and science in dental restorations, including veneer restorations for worn incisor teeth.

restore and rejuvenate tooth shape
Worn teeth resulting from unbalanced bites, bruxism, and jaw problems can lead to tooth sensitivity and gaps.

Have your teeth endured wear, damage, or decay over time?

worn down incisors restoration with veneers
Repaired short and worn incisors with veneers

Restorative dentistry, a blend of art and science, is designed to preserve natural teeth and create a healthy, seamless smile. It involves a meticulous approach to diagnosis, strategic planning, and precise implementation to rejuvenate teeth.

The process starts with a comprehensive examination, where we take the time to understand your unique dental characteristics. This is followed by a detailed plan and careful selection of restorative materials. Through our personalized approach, we ensure that we meet your individual needs, making you feel valued and understood.

Specific restorative dental treatments apply to the degree of severity of your teeth. Minor dental aesthetic issues, such as chipped or cracked teeth, can often be addressed in a single visit, while more severe cases may require multiple appointments.

For example, a smile makeover using the Quick Straight Teeth method changes crooked teeth to straight teeth in three trips, but if you have a gum issue or need a firm root, the treatment length extends.

The crucial preparation phase is the foundation for a successful restoration. Our team handles this stage with finesse, ensuring the perfect preparation of restorative materials. Skillful hands and a keen eye for detail guarantee the final implementation integrates with your existing teeth, delivering an incredibly natural-looking result.

In some cases, restoring each tooth in the mouth for optimal results may require multiple cosmetic procedures. Going through procedures might sound complex, but fear not. Restorative dentistry embraces a comprehensive approach to prioritizing oral health and enhancing self-assurance.

We always aim to preserve your natural teeth. Some may require implants, while others may not. We avoid replacing existing teeth with new implant crowns unless necessary. Therefore, dental restoration costs vary depending on teeth condition and oral health.

If you want to improve your smile, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to start your journey towards better oral health and increased confidence. We will support you every step of the way, using the latest advances in restorative dentistry to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.

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Dr. Shimizu is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. There are 486 dental professionals worldwide (Only four in Houston) as of 2024 who have achieved this prestigious honor.