Lengthen short teeth with veneers

Our teeth are also subject to natural wear and tear as we age. Wearing and tearing teeth is a normal process and often goes unnoticed, especially when it happens gradually over time. However, it affects all aspects of our teeth and oral health. For example, short teeth are caused by grinding. Persistent tooth grinding can wear down the enamel of the teeth, leading to noticeably shorter teeth over time.

What Causes Short Teeth

Normal teeth wear

The most noticeable tooth wear is occlusal wear, which affects the biting (enamel) surface. It occurs when the enamel's surface interacts between the upper and lower teeth; wear removes material from the enamel surface.


Microdontia is a dental condition in which a person has smaller teeth than the average size. The teeth have shorter crowns and a missing contact area between them.

There are varying degrees of microdontia; some individuals have only one or two short teeth, while others have fewer than average long ones.

Excessive gum tissue

A gummy smile is a condition in which excess gum tissue makes your teeth look more petite. Gingivectomy or gummy reduction surgery is required to remove excess gum tissue and expose more teeth.

Tooth extension is a standard dental treatment, whether the teeth are short due to wear, microdontia, or gummy smiles. Tooth extension reveals more tooth structure to support crowns and fillings or reduce "gummies" in smiles by positioning the teeth' gum line. Tooth extension treatment also means applying non-surgical cosmetic treatment with dental veneers to lengthen and reshape the teeth.

Painless teeth lengthening with veneers

In Missy's case, she noticed wear on his teeth and consulted us about his short teeth. Her upper front teeth were shorter than the optimal length, and they exhibited uneven lengths with discoloration.

There were no signs of excessive gum exposure when she smiled, her teeth were reasonably aligned, and her gum health was excellent. After careful consideration, we decided that applying ten porcelain veneers was the best solution to enhance the appearance of her front teeth. Her smile makeover transformation was achieved in just three office visits, resulting in the smile of her dreams.

If you are worried about short teeth or the gradual wear and tear of your teeth, there's no need to fret. You can opt for veneers to address these issues and improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Porcelain veneers are especially effective in addressing aesthetic concerns and can reduce the need for invasive restorations, even in short or worn teeth.