Replace Unnatural or Overly White Veneers

If your current veneers look plasticky, unnaturally white, or unsatisfactory, count on us for new teeth and a refreshed appearance. Our collaborative approach guarantees you achieve naturally beautiful teeth in a comfortable, stress-free environment while discussing your treatment goals.

The difference between Lumineers and traditional porcelain veneers

Lumineers stands out as a distinct brand of super slim veneers crafted from exceptionally thin Cerinate porcelain, setting them apart from other veneer brands and similar products. They have earned the moniker "no-prep veneers" owing to their non-invasive, surface-preserving nature. With no need for tooth preparation or shaving before installation, Lumineers offers a convenient cosmetic dental solution.

While both Lumineers and traditional veneers excel at addressing cosmetic dental concerns like discoloration and minor tooth imperfections, they diverge significantly in critical aspects. Lumineers, approximately half the thickness of conventional porcelain veneers, create a noticeable impact once affixed.

The reduced thickness of Lumineers, interestingly, results in an optical illusion, making teeth appear bulkier or thicker after application, as they augment the overall mass of the existing teeth.

Additionally, while effective in concealing dark tooth colors, their thin porcelain tends to give Lumineers the appearance of substantial temporaries.

In contrast, traditional porcelain veneers are better suited for individuals with small or short teeth requiring minor adjustments in tooth color. This difference in thickness and aesthetics guides the choice between the two options for achieving your desired smile transformation.

Less time and no needles

A significant difference between traditional Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers is their minimal preparation time, offering a swifter smile makeover without requiring injections. Lumineers have emerged as the preferred option for those seeking rapid dental cosmetic improvements with a no-prep method.

Smile Transformation: From Lumineers to Minimal Prep Veneers

Isabella sought our expertise to trade in her five-year-old Lumineers for conventional veneers, driven by her growing dissatisfaction with their appearance. She had grown weary of her smile's unnatural aesthetics, finding her teeth somewhat bulky, noticeably opaque, and bereft of the nuanced, multi-layered color gradients that grace natural teeth.

Initially, Isabella had reservations about modifying her tooth surfaces to accommodate traditional dental veneers, opting for a no-prep approach.

However, we can consider a non-prep or minimal-prep approach in optimal scenarios where all teeth are naturally small and exhibit gaps.

For cases involving 8-10 veneers, if you have tiny teeth, we can apply the minimal prep to 1-2 teeth, while the remainder can be fitted with standard porcelain veneers, resulting in an exceptional outcome, much like the transformation seen in Isabella's smile.

Even for standard veneers, we prioritize the most conservative preparation techniques. If you're interested in a minimally invasive treatment option that promises natural and beautiful results, we welcome you to reach out for a complimentary cosmetic consultation.

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