Replace veneers that look unnatural or too white

Whether you have decay, damage to the underlying tooth structure, or dislike your current veneers, you can always count on us for new teeth and a new look. Since we work together with you to reach the desired look, there is no pressure or uneasy feelings in discussing your treatment with us.

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What are Lumineers, and how do they differ from traditional porcelain veneers?

Lumineers are super slim veneers made of very thin Cerinate porcelain, making the specific Lumineers branded veneers unique compared to other brands and equivalent products.

Generally, they are called no-prep veneers due to their unpreparedness nature. No prep or prep-less means that dentists don't need to prepare the surface or shave the tooth before installing this type of veneer.

Although both Lumineers and traditional veneers are fabulous for correcting unsightly dental cosmetic issues such as discoloration and small teeth, there are significant differences between the two products.

Lumineers are about half as thick as traditional porcelain veneers, making a big difference once applied.

The big difference means that even though Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers. Lumineers will make your teeth look bulkier or thicker because they add a mass to your existing teeth.

Also, they get more opaque to hide the dark tooth color with thin porcelain. So, Lumineers usually look like big temporaries.

Traditional porcelain veneers, in contrast, are more suitable if you have small or short teeth with minor changes in tooth color.

Less time and no needles for you to get a new smile

Another significant difference between the traditional Porcelain Veneers and the Lumineers is the short preparation treatment time. You can get new teeth in a much less appointment time and with no needles due to non-prep, which explains why Lumineers have attracted patients looking for a quick dental cosmetic restoration with no tooth preparation.

Do you want to replace Non-prep veneers with traditional veneers?

Isabella came to us to replace the Lumineers with traditional veneers she has had for five years. She started to dislike the look of rather bulky teeth.

She does not like her smile due to the unnatural look. They are bulky, opaque, and one color with no gradation of the multi-layered color that natural teeth have.

Initially, Isabella did not like the idea of shaving her teeth surface to put on traditional dental veneers, so she decided to have no prep.

It is usually a good idea that we do not have to shave our teeth, but if we don't, Our new smile always gets unnatural, especially in color and size.

Unless you have small teeth and your teeth are already inward initially, it is impossible to make non-prep veneers look like natural teeth; they look like temporaries.

Nevertheless, we can always make non-prep or minimum prep whenever you are in a good situation (e.g., all your teeth are small and gapped).

When you do 8-10 veneers, we can do 1-2 teeth (If you have small teeth) with minimum prep, and others are standard porcelain veneers to get an excellent result, like Isabella's smile.

We can do the most conservative prep, even for standard veneers. We can offer a complimentary cosmetic consultation if you are contemplating a more conservative treatment with natural results. Please get in touch with us.

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