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Spaces between the front teeth treatment

If your teeth are shorter than average, you may be suffering from two types of tooth wear: erosion and abrasion. In either of these cases, your teeth lead to wear and short in appearance over time. If your front teeth seem too short, you can modify them with a variety of treatments to customize them to your needs. Mr. A came to us because he had small teeth and spaces in almost all of the upper front teeth.

He always wanted to have a whiter fuller smile without gaps and spaces between his teeth. Dr. Shimizu offered two options. One was to do braces and close the gaps as much as possible and then do veneers, or we could do eight veneers to straighten teeth without braces. The second option is to attach eight veneers, which is a quicker and less expensive option.

The advantage of doing braces is to avoid making the teeth very wide because when we try to close the space with veneers, veneers get wider. And of course, with braces, the cost will go up, and the treatment time gets lengthy. The typical time of treatment with braces takes about two years. We discussed, with the digital simulation and with the mock-up, which option the patient would prefer, and the patient decided to proceed with his smile makeover without the braces.

Dr. Shimizu did a gum lift and made all the teeth slightly longer to keep the beautiful proportion while closing the spaces. Since the patient needed to get used to a new bite, he wore the temporary/mock-up for a couple of weeks to make sure he liked the cosmetic results and function. When he was happy with the results with the mock-up, Dr. Shimizu started to prepare all eight teeth, and three weeks later, he had his beautiful smile. Since all his teeth were small, we did not have to remove too much tooth structure. Dr. Shimizu was able to do no-prep veneers or minimum prep veneers to save the tooth structure Dr. Shimizu always takes time to achieve the aesthetic and functional results, and the patient was pleased with the results.

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