Enhance Your Smile with Expert Gap Correction for Teeth Spacing

Explore the latest solutions to address the gaps between your teeth, which can improve your mouth's aesthetics and health. Our range of cosmetic treatments goes beyond traditional orthodontics and includes composite resins, porcelain veneers, and crowns, all effective remedies for closing tooth gaps. With our expert interventions, you can achieve the perfect smile you've always desired.

What causes a gap in your front teeth?

Several factors contribute to the occurrence of spacing between teeth. Orthodontic treatment, for instance, can be a catalyst for tooth gap problems. If braces are removed prematurely or a retainer is not worn after braces treatment, people with large or wide jaws may experience tooth movement and shifting, leading to gaps.

In addition, a discrepancy in the sizes of the jaw and teeth can lead to excess space within the jaw, causing the teeth to separate.

The treatment options for diastema, the term used to describe gaps between teeth, vary depending on each patient's situation. Diastema commonly manifests as an opening or space between the two front teeth. Moreover, a prominent labial frenum—a strip of tissue extending from the inside of the upper lip to the gum above the upper front teeth—can create a gap between the front teeth, particularly when its size exceeds the average dimensions.

Correcting Teeth Spacing: A Comprehensive Solution

Mr. A came to us seeking a solution for his tiny teeth and gaps in his front teeth. His goal was to have a beautiful, gap-free smile.

To address his concerns, we presented two viable options. The first option involved orthodontic treatment with braces to minimize the gaps between his teeth.

Choosing braces before attaching veneers is an excellent way to prevent teeth from expanding too much and control the size of the gaps between them. If you rely solely on veneers to close the spaces, larger veneers may be needed, resulting in uneven tooth sizes. It's important to note that although braces will increase the treatment time and cost, they offer long-term benefits.

The second option involved placing eight veneers, which is faster and more affordable than braces. We thoroughly discussed with the patient using digital simulations and a comprehensive mockup. Ultimately, we were able to guide him toward achieving his desired smile makeover without the need for braces.

Mr. A's comfort and satisfaction were of the utmost importance. To ensure this, he wore quick/mockup veneers for two weeks, allowing him to get used to his new bite and evaluate the cosmetic and functional results. Before proceeding with the mockup, we gently lifted his gum tissue to lengthen his teeth and achieve optimal proportions. We meticulously prepared all eight no-prep veneers once Mr. Abott confirmed his contentment with the mockup. Since his teeth were small, we minimally removed tooth surface structure or enamel.

We minimize tooth structure alteration to prioritize the preservation of teeth' natural strength and functionality. For this purpose, we use no-prep veneers or minimal-prep veneers, which effectively safeguard the integrity of the teeth. We successfully closed the gaps in Mr. A's teeth within three weeks, allowing him to showcase a brilliant smile.

We aim to achieve aesthetic and functional results you'll love for years. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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