Misaligned and Twisted Front Teeth

Do you have rotated or gap teeth in the front that makes you want to hinder smiling? Suppose you think you have the worst-looking teeth and want to improve them quickly to have a great smile. In that case, we offer a cosmetic treatment for those with misaligned, gapped teeth to attain a fabulous smile quickly.

Whether or not the treatment is feasible, we must look at your oral conditions first to make sure that you are a candidate who does not need traditional orthodontic treatment. If you do not require traditional braces, you will have bright and straight teeth and be able to have a broad smile in 3-4 weeks.

*Mike had his rotated front teeth straightened in 3 weeks.

Fix twisted front teeth without braces

Mike is a patient who had severely misaligned and twisted front teeth with gaps, and the front teeth were different sizes. He had some smaller teeth and some rotated teeth.

It was always difficult for Mike to smile wide in front of people. The anterior teeth were bent and twisted. His lateral teeth were smaller than the average size. The existing internal stains on his teeth were impossible to remove with bleaching.

He did not want braces and wanted a quicker result due to his busy schedule.

Fortunately, the nerves in his teeth were so small that we did not have to worry about root canal treatment. His original gum line was ideal. We had to do a mock-up on his model, and then we prepped his teeth about 0.5 to 0.7 mm from the mock-up (Final shape) that was transferred to his teeth, so some areas were no-prep.

Misaligned front teeth treatment

Crooked teeth can be hereditary. Jaw size, jaw shape, too many teeth, too big or small teeth, and poorly developed teeth and palate are some of the reasons you have misaligned teeth. Therefore, each patient's case differs from the other. Some need veneers and crowns; some need crowns and bonding.

Of course, some need comprehensive orthodontic treatment and even veneers after the orthodontic treatment. We will tell you your options upon completion of the initial assessment.

Teeth misalignment gets worse with age

As you age, the jaw bone density reduces, and your teeth wear more, even between the teeth.

All of your teeth tend to shift forward to compensate for the wear between the teeth. If you already have straight teeth and a lovely dental arch, those gaps will be closed as the teeth move forward.

If you have crooked teeth, your overlapping or rotation worsens as the teeth move forward. The bone density reduction causes this tooth to shift faster and sometimes in the wrong direction, which may lead to the spreading or overlapping of teeth.

How can rotated or twisted teeth be fixed?

No-prep veneers, regular veneers, and dental bonding allow dentists to correct uneven or crooked teeth by mainly adding porcelain or composite resin to the anterior surface of the affected tooth.

Spaced-out teeth usually come with smaller-than-average teeth. When you have tiny teeth, your options typically are non-prep veneers or minimum prep veneers, depending on your situation. You cannot change the size or shape of your teeth with braces.

How long does it take to fix rotated teeth?

The difference between traditional braces and our quick crooked teeth treatment is the duration of the treatment span.

Treatment with conventional metal braces can take up to 2 years, and Invisalign-type tray orthodontics takes over a year.

If you're looking for a quick fix for that perfect selfie at an upcoming big event, or if you're thinking about those graduation photos at the end of your senior year, a new option for fixing misaligned teeth is available.

You also need to understand it depends on your situation. Some cases need braces, while others waste time and money. Don't linger, and call us for a free consultation.

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