Outward teeth inclination

If your front teeth are tipped outwards in a manner where the crowns are angled at an excessive degree, causing the appearance of buck teeth, consult a cosmetic dentist you can trust.

Teeth flaring may occur after braces because the orthodontist has decided not to pull out teeth, a chronic jaw bite, bruxism, or a genetic disorder. Having flared teeth is typical after having braces removed.

Smile Makeover

Treatment requirements for slant teeth

Do you only have front teeth that stick out? Does the upper molar fit into the groove of the lower molar? If the answer is yes, then brace-free aesthetic dental treatment can quickly restore and straighten flared teeth.

Flared teeth repair without wearing braces

Guy had flared out front teeth with unsightly spaces. He is self-conscious about the flared upper teeth and the gap between his teeth. After being presented with treatment options, he received cosmetic dental treatment and resolve his flared teeth problem without braces. With eight all-porcelain crowns, we fixed his protruding front teeth without braces: we adjusted each tooth's angle and gave him straight, natural, and straight teeth without spaces.

Dr.Shimizu is an experienced cosmetic dentist. That's why patients from all over Houston, Texas, and the other states come to see him for Smile Makeovers. He will attach your porcelain crowns and veneers correctly the first time together with Quick Straight Teeth method, giving you a new smile that will make you look and feel more attractive.