Outward teeth inclination

If the front teeth are angled excessively outward, causing the appearance of buck teeth, it is advisable to consult a cosmetic dentist that you can trust.

Teeth flaring may occur after braces for various reasons, such as the orthodontist's decision not to remove teeth, chronic jaw bite, bruxism, or genetic disorders. It's common to have flared teeth after having braces removed.

Treatment requirements for slant teeth

Do you have slant teeth? Is the issue limited to your front teeth that stick out? Do your upper molars fit into the groove of the lower molars? If you answered yes to these questions, then brace-free aesthetic dental treatment can quickly restore and straighten your flared teeth.

Flared teeth repair without wearing braces

Our team assisted Guy in fixing his flared front teeth, which had unsightly gaps, causing him to feel self-conscious. We provided him with the necessary treatment to address the issue and create a smile he could be confident in.

After presenting him with different treatment options, he received cosmetic dental treatment. We fixed his flared teeth by placing eight all-porcelain crowns, resulting in a natural and aligned appearance without braces. We adjusted the angle of each tooth, resulting in a straight, gap-free smile.

In Guy's case, he presented a specific dental condition characterized by a noticeable outward slant of his front teeth. As a result of this condition, the traditional method of dental veneers was not a viable option for achieving the desired straightness and alignment of his teeth. Dental veneers are typically recommended for individuals with only a few misaligned teeth rather than severe cases like the one described here.

Our clinic, led by the experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Shimizu, is well-known for our expertise in Smile Makeovers. Patients from Houston, Texas, and other areas often seek our services to achieve the perfect smile. Utilizing our skills, we ensure precise attachment of porcelain crowns and veneers during the procedure, seamlessly incorporating the Quick Straight Teeth method.

Our meticulous approach includes precise color matching to existing teeth and ensures that no spotty tooth stands out compared to the rest of the teeth. Our thorough process creates a transformative new smile, enhancing appearance and self-confidence.

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