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Options to fix your crowded or flared teeth


Flared teeth are a condition where the upper front teeth are sticking out or are significantly forward in front of the lower front teeth. There are reasons why people have flared front teeth. In addition, bucked teeth with gaps between the upper front teeth with flaring of the front teeth, are common. The option below are the common treatment options to get your protruding teeth back.

  1. No extraction treatment. If there is a gap between the flared teeth, there is no need to extract the teeth, so the flared teeth can be fixed with braces or Invisalign.
  2. Extraction method. If there is no space and the teeth are crowded and spread, a combination of dental appliances and extractions can be used to restore the teeth. Pull out the two upper teeth just behind the canine and pull back the front teeth.
  3. Slenderizing or shaving method. To make the teeth thinner, we use a dental microscope to fine-tune where the tooth surface is reduced. Doing so will ultimately give you the best position to correct your teeth.

Depending on the situation, a veneer or aesthetic crown can fix the flared teeth. Using cosmetic dentistry techniques, you can get straight teeth by filling the gaps between teeth and changing the angle of the teeth.
The advantage of using a dental veneer or crown is that corrections can be made faster without braces, and you can also change the color and shape of your teeth as you like. Above all, you don't have to worry about relapse. Also, there is no need to wear a retainer or extract teeth.

There are 404 accredited cosmetic dentists world wide and only 6 in Houston as of January 2020

Flared teeth treatment

Flared front teeth can be treated with cosmetic dental procedures